*** This website is under construction, so please allow for these things:

1.  If there’s a product you want and don’t find it here, please call.  We’ve been in the business for nearly 50 years.  We offer more products and have access to more products than listed here. 1-800-328-9203.  You can place your order directly over the phone.  We like the personal touch.

2.  We offer Custom Logo Mats either flock printed, dye printed, or custom inlaid.  It’s not on the website because the price is determined as per each request.  So, it doesn’t fit this format.

3.  As Mats, Matting, and Specialty Flooring professionals we offer an entire line of matting products for all industries – Hotel, Motel, Restaurant, Kitchens, Schools, Business, Industry, Machine Shops, Assemblies.


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